How to Ensure Your Cosmetic Surgeon Is Reputable

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Your body and health are the most important things in the world. In my experience, you should never risk the integrity of these qualities by setting your life on the table of an unqualified, disreputable plastic surgeon.

Fortunately for the everyday person seeking cosmetic surgery, there are plenty of self-checks you can make on a doctor. You don’t have to know anything about cosmetic surgery to protect yourself, either.

To help avoid life-altering crises, here are two different strategies every patient should use when it comes time to track down a certified, reputable plastic surgeon:

Professional Certification

Domestically, every reputable plastic surgeon is licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This certification shows that surgeons went to an accredited school, completed five years of residency, and has all of the necessary training. If you come across a surgeon saying he or she holds a “board” certification but not by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, assume that the surgeon is hiding something.

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