What Can Go Wrong with Having Plastic Surgery in Mexico?

Between scarring, repeat surgeries, and even death, having a plastic surgery procedure done in a foreign country is exponentially more dangerous. Why? Because the risk factors multiply and there’s little support.

Lots of people wanting cheap surgeries will find doctors in Mexico and hope for the best. Unfortunately, these patients are leaving the gas on long before they turn on the burner.

Common Side-Effects of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a delicate thing. Surgeons learn how to recreate the body and, in doing so, the natural balance has a chance to work against the patient. The first thing people can do to avoid common side-effects of a bad surgery is to limit their expectations. This being said, accidents do happen — especially if you wind up with a crackpot doctor with forged credentials, a shaky hand, and low prices.

Scarring is the obvious side-effect of any surgery, though it may not always be the surgeon’s fault. Patients with darker complexions, for instance, tend to scar more. There is a level of surgeon skill at work, of course, but scarring is the least of your worries if you pack an overnight bag for a cheap surgery south of the border.

Nose jobs, liposuction, and other surgeries are considered cosmetic. While many of these are low risk, altering one part of your body can make another part look disproportionate. Planning a tummy tuck? Expect your thighs to “grow” (look bigger). The same goes for cosmetic surgeries to the face, such as plumper lips leading to an obtrusive nose. This is called BBD, or body dysmorphic disorder.

There are also chances that the everyday Botox injection can paralyze facial muscles. Usually, only a few muscles are weakened and others become overpowering. This can give a person’s face, gestures, and expressions a sense of off-ness and unbalance.

Other than physical side-effects, patients have a chance of creating unwarranted stressors. Often, long-term relationships split apart once a partner receives surgery. Why? Nine times out of 10, men feel that their partners are attempting to attract new men or are dissatisfied with a relationship. Physical changes have emotional effects.

Then there’s the disappointment. A high percentage of patients set unrealistic expectations and, once the bandages come off and the “honeymoon” phase is over, can’t believe they put themselves through plastic surgery. This isn’t always the case, though the problem becomes compounded if you find a hack doctor in Mexico who charges a third of domestic prices.

Ultimately, there are three outcomes to any plastic surgery.

  1. Everything goes great.
  2. You need additional surgeries to fix mistakes.
  3. You live with a surgery-induced deformity.

It’s a roll of the dice, especially when you outsource your body and health to Mexico.

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